Repairing Fences for Over 40 Years

Ohio Valley Residents and Businesses trust Valley Fence Company with their fence repairs.

Years of wear and tear might have your fence needing some assistance. Valley Fence Company knows that selecting a fence for your home or business took time and consideration. Starting from scratch might not be the best option. We are here to help repair or fix your fence or gate. We have been the trusted experts in the fencing repair industry for decades. We can diagnose the issue and fix with a respectable time and budget. Choosing Valley Fence Company for your fence repair is an obvious choice.

Chain Link Fence Repair

Steel Fence Repair

Residential Fence Repair

Why pick Valley Fence for your fence repair?

Every fence repair job is different. We professional install all types of fences – including many different materials. Although every job is different, we have seen it all. More than likely we have come across a similar issue or problem within our 40 years of operation. Having the experience helps you save time and money. We can give you a better estimate and quote for your fence repair and you can confidently trust us to fix the problem within budget.

We are able to work with residential or commercial fences. We know you value quality work and quality customer service. We will provide you with both.

Valley Fence will travel to repair your fence

If you are located in Ohio, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania – we want to work with you. We are located in Wheeling, West Virginia but known for our quality fence options in the Tri-State area. We have many loyal customers in the Ohio Valley (from Weirton to Moundsville to St. Clairsville) but also service Columbus, Cleveland, Morgantown, and Pittburgh. We are an affordable and local option for commercial and residential customers.

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